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Welcome to Dr. McGough's University of New Haven web page. From this page you will be able to navigate to the course materials for all of my courses. The home page for each course contains numerous links related to the topics covered in class. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to do some educational prospecting. Use the tabs above to link to the particular course and view the materials.

P628 - The Interview - covers many of the aspects of interviewing as a critical tool in various fields of human interaction. While this is not an interview skills course, learners will have the opportunity to actually practice some of these techniques as part of course assignments.

P641 - Personnel Training & Development - covers theoretical and practical aspects of training program design and development. This is done through actual practice of these techniques through course projects. Learners will be challenged with real-life, practical business problems and ethical dilemmas of the type that typically face a training practitioner.

P642 - Organizational Development & Change - covers numerous aspects of organizational development and change management by providing the learner with an opportunity to actually practice some of these techniques as part of course assignments. Be prepared for challenging assignments, vigorous discussions and an exciting, graduate-level adult learning experience!

P646 - The Psychology of Negotiation & Mediation - provides training in basic negotiation and mediation skills with supervised practice. Learners will be able to resolve conflicts more effectively and begin to develop the tools necessary for those interested in becoming mediators or conflict management specialists. The focus will be on real-life examples.

P670E - Aligning People and Organizational Processes - includes many theoretical and practical aspects of linking the strategic challenges of an organization and organizational process design (human resource strategy) and implementation by providing the student with an opportunity to actually practice these techniques as part of course projects.  All course activities are designed to build student skills in the areas of organizational process design (human resource strategy development) and implementation in real companies and organizations, not some theoretical place that doesn't really exist.  Real organizations are much more interesting and infinitely more challenging.

McGough Research Award is to encourage research in the areas of Industrial and Organizational Psychology by either full or part-time psychology graduate students at the University of New Haven. Specifically, the goal is to encourage the interaction and interchange of ideas between theoretician and practitioner.


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