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Course Instructor:
Dennis R. McGough, Ph.D.

Welcome to my home page for course P641, Fall 2009, at the University of New Haven. This page contains information and links to all of the resources that you will need throughout the course. Follow the links above or below to find course information and requirements, as well as assignments.

Important Notes for the Fall 2009 Session:

All of the web pages for this course are updated and available.
There are TWO pre-reading assignments for this course. Check Syllabus Page.
Written Assignment One is due at THE FIRST CLASS MEETING.
Make hard copies of all course materials for review at the first class meeting. (Overview, Syllabus, Course Requirements, Assignments, and Final Exam Questions) COPIES WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED IN CLASS.
Approximately three hundred PowerPoint slides will be used by the professor during the first four course sessions. You may make copies of the slides (strongly recommended) by clicking on the link below and following the instructions. COPIES WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED IN CLASS.

Print Slides

If you have questions or would like to talk with the professor, please Contact Me


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