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Course Slides

From this page you will be able to access Dr. McGough's P641 course slides. You have been given access to all of the slides for Week One by using the provided password. All of the slides for future weeks have been password protected as well. A password will be given during class each week to grant you access to the next week's slides. Remember, passwords are case sensitive.

The slides are in PDF format. This format requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not own this software, it can be downloaded for FREE by clicking on the link below. The slides are in color and can be printed either in color or black and white by selecting your choice in the print window. I recommend that you print them in color because different colors were used in some of the diagrams to help stress or identify certain items.

Follow the instructions below to begin the printing process. Read all of the instructions before you begin.


If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader already installed, skip this step. Otherwise, download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the link below and following the provided instructions.



After Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed, open the PDF file by clicking on the proper week below.
The password to access Session 1 is training. The password for subsequent weeks will be given in class.
Reminder: Password is case sensitive.


The file will open within your browser. Select print and choose color or black & white. You now have a set of handouts to bring with you to class.

The slides herein contain copyrighted material. You have been granted permission to print one copy of the slides for use during the Fall 2009 P641 course at the University of New Haven.

Any other use or duplication is strictly prohibited.


Copyright 2009. All material contained within this site is the property of Dr. Dennis McGough. Any use of this material without permission from Dr. McGough is strictly prohibited.