Dr. McGough
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    Welcome to my main home page. From here, you can navigate to all of the other sections of the site.

     One section of this site is devoted to the graduate courses that I teach at the University of New Haven. These courses (P628 -- The Interview, P641 -- Personnel Training & Development, P642 -- Organizational Development & Change, P646 -- The Psychology of Negotiation & Mediation, P670E -- Aligning People and Organizational Processes and ) explore the application of principles in Industrial/Organizational Psychology to real-world challenges in business and organizations.  With more than thirty-four years of experience in business and not-for-profit organizations, these courses have an emphasis on pragmatic problem solving and practical solutions.  Course assignments are not so much projects for school as they are activities that your boss might ask you complete at work.

     All assignments, along with the final exam, are provided well in advance of the beginning of each course so that prospective students can determine if this is the type of learning experience they desire.

     If you are planning on taking a course with me, I encourage you to check it out in advance.  There is an e-mail link on nearly every page to allow you to ask questions conveniently.  Courses offerings for each trimester can be found on the UNH web site (http://www.newhaven.edu)