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Fall 2009   

Using the techniques discussed in class, develop and write a LEARNING OBJECTIVE, ACTION PLAN and EVALUATION PLAN. You must select the learning activity for which you are developing the objective and action plan. Try to select something "real", rather than just making up a situation. You MAY NOT use the examples given in class, or a derivation thereof, for your project.

1. Your objective must be stated from the learner's point of view.

2. Your objective must contain clear, concise "as measured by" segment(s).

3. Your action plan must contain AT LEAST TEN ACTION STEPS.

4. A RESOURCE LIST for EACH ACTION STEP must be included.

5. Be certain to include in-process, terminal and end-to-end evaluation details.

6. As discussed in class, the focus is directed action, not documentation.

7. The "degree of difficulty" that you attempt counts! Developing an objective for a trivial process will receive no higher than a "B" grade. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, it is strongly recommended that you discuss the objective you have selected with me before you invest time on the project.

Important Notes:

This assignment must represent your own work, not the joint effort of several students working together. Any violation of this policy will have severe consequences, up to and including a failing grade for this course.

Be certain to show the exact source(s) (URLs or other references) of any data you present.

This assignment should be NO MORE THAN FIVE typed pages.

Make your presentation of data easy for the reader to "use". The visual presentation, layout, use of graphics and neatness count.

This assignment must be submitted on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, stapled together (NO PAPER CLIPS!) or e-mailed. Assignments will not be accepted in folders or binders. Your assignment package should include a title page, your actual project including the bibliography, followed by one blank sheet of paper for my comments and a name-only page. YOUR NAME SHOULD NOT APPEAR ON THE TITLE PAGE. Your name should appear on the name-only page, which should be the last page in your assignment package. There is a 10% penalty for not following these instructions.

Retain a hard-copy of this assignment until after you receive your final grade for this course.

RESPONSES DUE BY October 31, 2009, 9:05 A.M. Projects received after the deadline will be assessed a minimum 10% "late fee".



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