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Written Assignment Number Three -- 75 Points 

Fall 2009    

DESIGN and PREPARE a FLOW CHART of a process or procedure that:

         you have selected and cleared with the course instructor, or

         the attached Initial Assessment protocol.

CAREFULLY read the slides and review the examples discussed in class. When deciding which process you will chart, choose one that has sufficient detail to be challenging, while not being so complex as to be unreasonable.

1. You may not use the processes demonstrated in class, or any derivation thereof, for this assignment.

2.  Your chart must contain AT LEAST FIFTEEN non-trivial, functional diamonds.

3. ALL of the "MUSTS" discussed in class and shown on the flow chart slides should be utilized in the preparation of your flowchart.

4. Carefully review the "TYPICAL ERRORS IN FLOW CHART DESIGN" slides to avoid the problems discussed.

5. DO NOT USE PostIts on your actual chart -- they fall off.

6. The "degree of difficulty" that you attempt counts! Flowcharting a trivial process will receive no higher than a "B" grade. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, it is strongly recommended that you discuss the process you have selected with me before you invest time on the project.

7. Producing a chart that does not look "inviting" to the user or is not user-friendly will not earn a top score.  Appropriate use of color, type fonts, spacing and layout will also be evaluated.

8 If your process is unusual or something that I would not know about, include a brief written explanation of the process with your project.

Important Notes:

This assignment must represent your own work, not the joint effort of several students working together. Any violation of this policy will have severe consequences, up to and including a failing grade for this course.


Make your presentation of data easy for the reader to "use". Your visual presentation, use of graphics and neatness count.

This assignment must be submitted on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper and stapled (NO PAPER CLIPS!).This assignment may not be e-mailed. Your assignment package should include a title page, your actual project including the bibliography, followed by one blank sheet of paper for my comments and a name-only page. YOUR NAME SHOULD NOT APPEAR ON THE TITLE PAGE. Your name should appear on the name-only page, which should be the last page in your assignment package.

Retain a copy (either e-mail or hard-copy) of this assignment until after you receive your final grade for this course.

RESPONSES DUE BY October 17, 2009, 9:00 A.M. Projects received after the deadline will be assessed a minimum 10% "late fee".


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